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"I was struggling for months with numbness in my arms and pain from being on the computer all day.  I tried everything from wrist braces to special cushioned mouse pads – nothing worked.  I saw Dr. Vanloon for just one adjustment and that alleviated the pain and the numbness."
Heather H.
Lake Orion, MI

"In August of 2010, I injured my back somehow (still don’t know what happened), and I sought chiropractic treatment for the first time.  I was very pleased with the KST technique used by Dr. Vanloon, and appreciated all the information I received during a very scary time in my life.  I was feeling better even after the first visit and continued treatment for roughly six months, tapering off as my strength and flexibility returned. I’d highly recommend Dr. Vanloon to anyone with an injury or who is seeking chiropractic care as part of their overall wellness program."
Lori W.

"For many years, I have had lower back problems. I have never known what caused them. My back, especially, hurts after jogging. After, talking to a few friends, it was suggested that I see a chiropractor. I (was) expecting to get my back cracked by a ‘rude’ doctor and sent on my way. However, a different approached was used. Dr. Vanloon, utilized The Koren Specific Technique to help eliminate my back pain. Now, I live pain free and feel better than a pocket full of awesome!"
Darren S.

Bio of Dr. Laura Vanloon

My name is Dr. Laura Vanloon. I grew up in Pontiac, Michigan and graduated from Pontiac Central High School. As a younger adult, I had chronic back pain that caused me to seek out chiropractic care. It had such a positive impact that it completely changed my life, which led me to choose to become a doctor of chiropractic myself. After completing my undergraduate studies at Oakland Community College and Wayne State University, I enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. After interning with my mentor in Pontiac and practicing in Royal Oak, the opportunity to start my own practice presented itself and I excitedly embraced it.

In the summer of 2008, I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of a chiropractic mission trip to Santa Catarina, Brazil. It was truly a blessing to offer the benefits of chiropractic to so many people that don't have regular access to healthcare. That trip reminded me of the reason I chose to become a chiropractor, which was to help as many people as possible to achieve their utmost state of wellness.

Besides my passion for chiropractic, I am an avid partner dancer. Among my favorites are Salsa, Latin Hustle and City Ballroom. While I don't have children of my own, I have the great pleasure of being a Godparent and honorary "Aunt" to my friend's children, and am a "cat Mom" to 20 year old Bear Boy and 14 year old Hannah.

I believe every individual is different, and that health is a process and not an event. I practice chiropractic in a manner that intends to balance the body physically, emotionally and energetically. I offer gentle and low-force chiropractic techniques, including KST, Activator and BEST. I am also a graduate of the Sacred Balance Academy's Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program. I'm grateful to hold the distinction of having been voted one of Hour Detroit Magazine’s Top Chiropractors from 2012 through 2017. 

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to treat you and your family. I look forward to helping you achieve your best health through chiropractic!