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RCCPRestoring Cellular Communication Pathways is a healing strategy designed to assist the body to return to this state of optimal health.  It accomplishes this by working cooperatively with your own organs of drainage and elimination, providing nourishment in the form of core nutrition and safely setting the stage for a deeper level of toxin removal if necessary.


Solray D: To replenish low levels of Vitamin D.  The liposome spray sends Vitamin D directly to where it’s required without being lost through digestion.  Vitamin K2 is also in this formula directs and transports calcium to the bones and away from the arteries!



Adrenal Life Force: To provide support for adrenal/thyroid imbalancesSynergistic base of nutritionals and a powerful botanical, Rhodiola rosea, which has adaptogenic properties.  (Adaptogenic means that it can help to regulate hypo & hyper conditions).



Hepata Gest Powder: A liver/gall bladder protecting and restoring nutritional with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to nourish the body. Assists in decongestion and repair in phases 1 and 2 of liver detoxification.



BioHealth Matrix:  Known as the "Ultimate Daily Multiple" of vitamins and minerals, emphasizing hormone support, recovery and balance.  Phytonutrients contained in this formula act as antioxidants, enhance immune response, improve cellular communication and assist in detoxification.



Inflamma Life Force: To provide support for all inflammatory conditions, aiding tissue repair and pain control.  Ingredients of pancreatin and serrapeptase counteract inflammation, while manganese feeds the connective tissue ligaments and bones.




BioCatalase lotion: Topical formula for the relief of pain and inflammation in the joints or tissues.  This product can be used for as a base to deliver anti-fungal products to specific areas on the body.



Flora Syntropy: To flood the intestines with healthy probiotic bacteria to reset the digestive pH. It is often used in the presence of bowel toxicity & supports the immune system.  It is special because it doesn’t require refrigeration and is not affected by stomach acids or antibiotics.



ReHydrate: This homeopathic combination assists to increase cellular water absorptionCellular hydration is import for every action of the body without which energy is lost, headaches, structural problems, cardiac circulation is diminished, detoxification pathways are compromised, etc.



Spectralyte:  To replenish lost alkalizing minerals and electrolytes for energy, structural support, “aches and pains”, circulation, etc.





Lauricidin:  95%+ pure sn-1 Monolaurin.  It is derived from the extraction of the lauric acid found in pure coconut oil – then bound to a glycerin using our proprietary molecular distillation process to create pure Monolaurin.  This is a dietary supplement for active families with healthy lifestyles (kids, adults, and seniors).


China Gel: China-Gel is a natural unique herbal formula of time proven ingredients developed and clinically tested in a leading acupuncture - pain control clinic.  It is a greaseless therapeutic lotion that incorporates modern technology with the ancient joint and muscle pain relieving concepts of Chinese medicine.  It contains menthol, camphor, ginseng, angelica, lavender oil, witch hazel, and aloe vera with a soothing and relaxing aromatic scent.

For more information or to purchase any of these wonderful products, please contact our office at 248.408.8183.