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Dr. Laura Vanloon
Voted one of Hour Detroit magazine's
Top Chiropractors from 2012 through 2018!

Here at Synergy Wellness, we focus on the whole body and not just on what hurts.  Our philosophy is that your body is innately intelligent and capable of healing itself, as long as your nervous system is free of interference. We utilize gentle chiropractic techniques like KST, the Koren Specific Technique and BEST, the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique. Our practice also includes a wide variety of natural and homeopathic products, so we can support all aspects of your health! If you would like to experience why Dr. Vanloon was voted one of Hour Magazine’s Top Chiropractors in Metro Detroit, call us today at (248) 408-8183!

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Synergy Wellness talks allergies!

Can chiropractic help my allergies?

The answer to that question is yes! I often have new patients that come in for low back pain, headaches, sciatica, etc, that don’t mention their allergies because they don’t think we can help. I’d like the opportunity right now to explain exactly how we can.

What is an allergy?
An allergy is a chemical response generated by your immune system in response to an allergen (a substance you’re allergic to, like dust, cat/dog dander, specific foods or materials, etc). This chemical response is usually an overproduction of histamine, which is an important protein and neurotransmitter released when tissues is damaged or experiencing an allergic response. The common responses to an allergic histamine response are asthma, stuffy/runny nose, itchy/watery eyes, cough, skin rashes or hives, heartburn, even fluid retention or weight gain.

What part of our body fights allergies?
That would be our immune system. The immune system is comprised of many cells that work in concert to fight off bacteria, viruses, toxins, parasites and microbes that enter our body through our noses, mouths or skin. It also flushes out our own dead cells and can attack tumors and even donated organs. Inside the body, these “invaders” are filtered through our lymphatic system (which we can usually see working because the glands in our neck swell). If your immune system isn’t functioning optimally, your body is then more susceptible to getting sick.

How can chiropractic help with allergies?
Chiropractic isn’t a treatment for allergies, per se; what it does is relieves the nervous system of stress by finding and adjusting subluxations. Subluxations are misalignments that cause a joint not to move properly, thus disrupting the flow of energy through the nerves that pass through that area of the body. These can occur through the cranium and spine, but also through any other areas of the body (we often find that the wrist bones are subluxated in people that have chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). When you free your nervous system of these subluxations, it functions better. When your nervous system functions optimally, your immune system is better capable to fight the allergens we encounter in our environment. Many chiropractic patients report a dramatic increase in overall health and a reduction in allergy symptoms after getting regular adjustments. Some even have been able to successfully go off their allergy medication!*

The medical answer to allergies is to treat the symptom (with a prescription or allergy shots). The chiropractic approach is more conservative; we help your nervous system to be free of interference so it can fight off the things that trigger an immune system response. If you or someone you love is suffering from allergies, contact the us to see why Dr. Vanloon was voted one of the top chiropractors in Metro Detroit for 2012! 

Health and happiness,

Dr. Laura Vanloon

*This article is not a substitute for a relationship with a qualified medical professional. Please consult your chiropractor or medical physician before considering discontinuing any prescribed medication.



Can chiropractic help ear infections?

Dr. Laura Vanloon and Synergy Wellness of Birmingham, MI truly care and are grateful to be a portal of health and wellness information. For more information about Dr. Vanloon or her practice, visit us on the web at www.drvanloon.com!

How many children do you know that have NEVER had an ear infection?

Let me ask you an easier question ~ how many children do you know who HAVE had an ear infection? Or multiple ear infections? Sadly, that is the norm now for babies and children to have to visit to their pediatrician for treatment. In fact, ear infections (also known as Otitis Media) account for approximately 1/3 of all pediatric visits. The cause of the recurrent ear infections is variable, from birth trauma to being associated with the drop in immunity you experience after having a cold or flu, and many things in between.

The most common go-to defense for an ear infection is, of course, antibiotics. Let's think for a moment about how effective that treatment is. After taking antibiotics, does that protect the child from getting another ear infection? No. Not only does it not prevent future recurrences, but it wipes out the "good" bacteria that is necessary for our system to function optimally, but overuse of antibiotics has several negative side effects. Namely, the child may have or develop an allergy to that particular medication. Second, taking antibiotics frequently allows development of "super bacteria" that are able to resist normal types and quantities of antibiotics. Third, and I believe most important, studies indicate that most children have the same outcome from the ear infection without taking an antibiotic at all. Unfortunately, that research isn't well-known and many parents still seek traditional medical intervention.

But fortunately, I do have an alternative, less-intrusive and pain-free way to help your child heal from an ear infection and possibly prevent them from recurring ~ get your child adjusted by a chiropractor! How can chiropractic help? By removing the misalignments to the bones that are interfering with the nerves that supply the ear, it can allow your body to heal itself. When the nerves are functioning optimally, the fluid should drain from the middle ear. With regular chiropractic care to help keep your child's spine in alignment, your immune system can strengthen its own defenses and be more capable of fighting off subsequent infections.

Does someone you love suffer from ear infections? Let us help! We offer very gentle chiropractic treatment in our office that children LOVE! The adjustments are pain-free and they will feel so much better ~ many of the children in our practice tell their parents when they need an adjustment! Come experience Synergy Wellness in Birmingham today.

Health and happiness,
Dr. Laura Vanloon

**This article does not substitute for medical advice. Please consult your chiropractor or medical professional of choice to help decide the best course of care for yourself or your child.


Synergy Wellness asks, "Are fevers good or bad?"

Dr. Laura Vanloon and Synergy Wellness of Birmingham, MI truly care and are grateful to be a portal of health and wellness information. For more information about Dr. Vanloon or about the practice, visit us on the web at www.drvanloon.com!

Bed wetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is an embarrassingoccurrence for children and frustrating for parents. It's more commonthan you may realize ~ some sources estimate over 6 million school-aged children and pre-teens are affected by it. There are many reasons that could cause bed-wetting; among others, an imbalance in bladder muscles, urinary tract infection, sleep apnea, excessive fluid intake, stress or emotional issues, nervous system immaturity or lumbar, pelvic or sacral subluxation. However, laziness and disobedience are usually NOT causes, and the child should not be punished as a result.

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Synergy Wellness asks, "What is your idea of chiropractic?

Dr. Laura Vanloon and Synergy Wellness of Birmingham MI, truly care and take pride in being a portal of health and wellness information.

What is the perception of chiropractic?

I had my car in for service at a local dealership recently and in conversation, it came up that I am a chiropractor. The service employee’s response was “I bet you’re really strong to be a chiropractor. My buddy gives me a bear-hug and my whole spine cracks. You look too little to be able to do that!” I thought ‘Wow-that’s really what this gentleman thinks chiropractic is!’, which got me thinking outside the bubble some chiropractors live in. When you’re insulated in a successful practice filled with patients who get the “Big Picture” (I’ll explain more about that in a moment), you can lose sight of what a great deal of the population think of chiropractic and chiropractors. I would like to take this time to dispel some of the rumors.

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