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Dr. Laura Vanloon
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Here at Synergy Wellness, we focus on the whole body and not just on what hurts.  Our philosophy is that your body is innately intelligent and capable of healing itself, as long as your nervous system is free of interference. We utilize gentle chiropractic techniques like KST, the Koren Specific Technique and BEST, the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique. Our practice also includes a wide variety of natural and homeopathic products, so we can support all aspects of your health! If you would like to experience why Dr. Vanloon was voted one of Hour Magazine’s Top Chiropractors in Metro Detroit, call us today at (248) 408-8183!

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Synergy Wellness asks, "Are fevers good or bad?"

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Bed wetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is an embarrassingoccurrence for children and frustrating for parents. It's more commonthan you may realize ~ some sources estimate over 6 million school-aged children and pre-teens are affected by it. There are many reasons that could cause bed-wetting; among others, an imbalance in bladder muscles, urinary tract infection, sleep apnea, excessive fluid intake, stress or emotional issues, nervous system immaturity or lumbar, pelvic or sacral subluxation. However, laziness and disobedience are usually NOT causes, and the child should not be punished as a result.

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